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Not as strong as I thought I was?

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  • Not as strong as I thought I was?

    On any given day I could bust out 9 pull ups(10 if I cheat by kipping one more), and 28-30 pushups. But I just did a pbf workout as follows:

    Round 1
    55 prisoner Squats
    120 sec plank
    60 sec side planks
    20 push ups
    7 pull ups

    Round 2
    50 prisoner Squats
    90 sec plank
    60 sec side planks
    20 pushups
    5 chin ups

    Everything else is fine, it's the pull ups, chin ups and push ups that went down. What gives?
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    Maybe the planks made your arms tired
    well then


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      The lats are a big stabilizer when doing the plank. They could have been worn out.


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        I'd never even thought of that. There goes all my credibility in the area of fitness and nutrition. :P


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          You might have lost a bit of wind, too, with all the squats!

          Was everything else the same (your weight, pull-up equipment, etc)?


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            Conversely, I struggled less than expected with 5x10 overhead press after doing separate tricep extensions/pull overs with an EZ curl bar.

            Maybe I was just having a good day, it's a little early to tell but compound exercises will always find the weak link.


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              Everything else was the same, yes. Same tree, all bodyweight. I suppose I just fatigued my lats and core with the planks and Squats