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Can anything be done in one week?

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  • Can anything be done in one week?

    I've got a physical agility test next Wednesday for a job at a local correctional facility. I'm not too worried about most of the test, however, there are two areas that have me a little concerned. One is running 100 yards in 20 seconds. The other is running 440 yards in 2:30.

    I'm not in horrible shape, but it could be better. There's been a lot going on lately (sickness, school, etc) and my workouts have fallen by the wayside. Running/sprinting/jogging have never been my strong suit. Is it even possible to do anything that will give yourself a "boost" in only a week?

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    Can you time yourself and see what you currently can run? A week out I wouldn't risk injury by running sprint repeats. If you could get to a stationary bike do intervals on that 3 or 4 times. Try 30 seconds hard, 10 seconds recovery for 10 sets. The 440 yd minimum time is a 10-minute mile. If you really aren't in horrible shape you should be able to run that without training to do it.


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      I was thinking about going down to the track tomorrow morning to see how long it takes me to do the 440 yards. I do have access to a stationary bike and Arc trainer.


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        You're better off arriving at the test as fresh and mobile as possible so spend the week doing light exercise and mobility work. Also make sure your hydration and diet are on point. pace2race is right in saying that you'll most likely just risk injury by trying to make any major improvements. The other thing that you could do is to focus on a little technique work.
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          Thanks. I'll stick with the light workouts.