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Feeling deadlift in lower back

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  • Feeling deadlift in lower back

    I did really well on my deadlift last night (1 rep required @ 115kg and did 5+3), and my back felt a little sore/tired. It felt fine again within minutes.

    My form was good, (Bizarrely I struggle more with lowering than lifting) and I'm not overly worried but I just wondered if this is something I need to monitor.


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    Your back should be sore when you deadlift! Jim wendler or Dave Tate said that themselves, now when I say sore, I mean sore...not legs and ass get sore when I squat heavy the deadlift is no different. Make sure you are staying tight in the lats and traps and lower abs (get a big gulp of air and stick your lower abs out, this creates a brace against your lower back) when you lower, straight bar path, if you stick the weight out a little when you lower to clear you knees that puts more stress on your lower back.


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      I get this too, but I assume it's normal since the deadlift works the lower back hard. First paragraph of Rip's chapter on deadlift:
      Lower back strength is an important component of sports conditioning. The ability to maintain a rigid lumbar spine under a load is critical for both power transfer and safety. The deadlift builds back strength better than any other exercise, bar none.
      so I think sore is ok, but I agree with wolfman - if it is painful in any way then you have a problem.


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        Perfect, thanks for the reassurance guys! Sore - good. Painful - bad!