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  • YAYOG v PB

    Hey guys and girls. I have now essentially finished Marks LHT program and have considered buying the YAYOG book. Either that or dropping abck a few stages on LHT and either adding a set so im doing 3 sets instead of 2 OR making the rep target 60-70 instead of 50, or both.


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    I'm sure there are people who will recommend YAYOG, but I've had great success with Convict Conditioning- In a little more than a year I've drastically improved my pushups, and I'm almost doing one-armed. I'm doing pistol squats with both legs, and my pullup numbers are improving. Some of the exercises are slow going, but it is a well-laid out progression for the exercises. By keeping the numbers small, and working through the progressions, I was able to go into each workout knowing what I needed to do, which is huge for me- too many exercises gets confusing for me, I max out at 5-6 per workout, and the less they change the easier it is to monitor progress and stay on it.


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      YAYOG is awesome


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        Ok Richard, you made me google it. I was like what the hell is he talking about YAYOG? What is this some new Scotish workout? Yoga And Yawning On Grass? lol. Go for it brother, as we have discussed before anything is better than nothing. Be the beast. BTW, I have the ultimate respect for yoga once I tried it.
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          Just buy the book it's only like 12 dollars off his web site.. Less than a pint of beer and a good steak. Also look at getting convict conditioning and get Pavels naked warrior or Ross Emanait never gym less ( Blog )

          I like YAYOG better as it is a more structured program that includes a lot of periodisation, both linear and undulating. The programs also develop all aspects of fitness, strength, power, speed, muscular and cardio endurance. It has various exercises and different types like ladders, tabatas, intervals, supersets etc.

          4 levels of programs to work thru from basic to chief class.

          An example of day one on chief class is ladder workout consisting of 7 mins of:
          A1: one arm push ups
          A2: pull ups
          A3: dive bombers
          A4 inverted rows

          Working up to strappers ( as many rounds as possible in 20 mins) of
          A1: pistol squats
          A2 handstand push ups
          A3 pull ups

          Checkout his forum on his website as well, not many people have completed chief class. Welcome to You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises by Mark Lauren
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            Another fitness site that I go to for ideas and inspiration is my mad methods
            My Mad Methods - | Bodyweight Workouts

            And bodyweight culture and have a look thru the training logs for ideas and inspiration, so great workouts amongst the logs on there
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              Get the YAYOG app. You can pick a program, it shows pics of what to do and times your breaks etc. Best $3


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                +1 for Convict Conditioning, The Naked Warrior, Never Gymless, and My Mad Methods. All great resources!
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                  I haven't done CC or the others (though they sound great too), just YAYOG, so I can't compare, but I can tell you that with YAYOG< I'm getting way stronger and bigger faster than I thought I would. As mentioned above, the periodization of the 10-week programs is structured to alternate between building proficiency and then strength, so you don't get into a rut.

                  Today I started Week 3 of the Master level 10-week program, and it included 3 sets of 12 reps each of the following:
                  -One-arm pushups (hands elevated to mid-thigh)
                  -Dive Bombers (way harder than they look, especially after 1-arms!)
                  -Military Press with feet elevated (my face almost hit the floor)
                  3 weeks ago the 4-step ladders for movement proficiency were tough on the 1-arm pushups and single-leg squats, but pullups and militaries not so hard. Today I almost was able to complete the 1-arms (10 reps 2nd set, 8 reps 3rd set) but got to muscle failure on all the others. It's probably the toughest "push" workout I can remember. I'm 48, did a lot of strength training through my 20's but had stopped (in lieu of tennis) until I got YAYOG about 5 months ago. So yeah, it's been working for me. Bodyweight FTW!


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                    You guys are making me want to get YAYOG as well, despite how much I like CC.


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                      Just Grab it, its seriously dirt cheap at ~ 12 bucks for the book, or if you have a smart phone get the app for ~$2 its worth having on the phone. I always have a good case of DOM's after the workouts. I am about to re-start the 1st class program after a few weeks off with injury (not from YAYOG)

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