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Goblet Squats vs Regular Squats

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  • Goblet Squats vs Regular Squats

    So with my primal love has come a love for squats, and moar squats!

    Unfortunately I can't achieve proper form, once I get past say, 30 degrees ABOVE parallel. Which is a pretty poor squat. I stretch my hammies, ankles, hips etc, I'd love to be able to do a proper deep back squat one day.

    In the meantime, i've been doing goblet squats, wider stance, toes pointing out etc. My form here seems ok - are they are reasonable replacement for a regular squat?

    Also, will they gradually help with flexibility problem areas? Any advice would be much appreciated!
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    You don't really say what your form issues are.

    Do bodyweight or lightly weighted squats until you have full range of motion. Then start adding the weights back in.

    Also, try to get down in that Grok-squat position and just stay there for a while. Keep your heels on the floor, and use a small counter-weight to keep you from falling over backwards. Eventually, the counterweight should get smaller and smaller, and you'll be able to get down without it.

    Try wearing shoes with a heel of some sort- not to lift, but just to get down in that position. Lifting the heel helps put your center of balance a little forward.

    Build your ab strength with planks and pullups. This will help your weighted squats as well.


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      Good job on hitting the squats. And I feel some of your pain, as I have to work on my mobility to squat well. For a while now I have been using goblet squats as part of my warm up for every work out. They have done wonders to get my hips opened up and let me really squat down.

      However, they are not a substitute for barbell squats in the sense that you can't use as much weight. So if your goal is to hit 2x bodyweight, or even bodyweight, then the goblet squat might be somewhat limiting.

      But as a learn to squat tool and mobility drill, I do believe they are wonderful and might just be all the squating you need. Here is a great goblet squat article from one of my all time favorite trainers, Dan John: T NATION | Goblet Squats 101

      Oh, and for me, I have had greater improvement on mobility by narrowing my stance. Could be different for you, but it is probably good to try a variety of stances and see what is best.