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Convict Conditioning + Al Kavadlo are changing my life

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    Originally posted by Tom B-D View Post
    That sounds like a lot of plank. Just holding 2 minutes is tough for you rest before the 1 minute each side and last 2 minutes, I hope?
    I only rest before doing the final 2 minutes, but not for long, just long enough to reset the seconds counter on my mobile, so maybe 30-45 seconds rest. That final 2 minutes is painful, haha
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      Starting CC and reading all of Al's blog too c: Gonna do calisthenics since I'm too sick to go to the gym right now. Can't even do push ups ey, damn women and their lack of muscle :'(
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        I have always enjoyed my weights but CC and other bodyweight work is the bomb!
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          Originally posted by homunculus View Post
          Starting CC and reading all of Al's blog too c: Gonna do calisthenics since I'm too sick to go to the gym right now. Can't even do push ups ey, damn women and their lack of muscle :'(
          That's where the beauty of CC comes in...sensible progressions that steadily take you there and beyond!
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            Originally posted by smilingjustalittlebit View Post
            Question on Convict Conditioning regarding 'work sets'.

            What exactly IS a work set? For example, lets say the progression standard is 2 sets of 10 full pullups. Is a workout 1 x 10, or the actual progression standard of 2 sets of 10 which you need to be doing 2 or 3 times?

            Slightly confusing!
            A work set is a set which isn't a warm-up set.

            In the book, Coach Wade explains it this way.

            Let's say you are on step 5 of Push ups, full push ups. Your sets might look like this:

            Set 1: Warm up set: 20 wall push ups
            Set 2: Warm up set: 20 knew push ups
            Set 3: Work set: 12 push ups
            Set 4: Work set: 10 push ups

            That's basically it!

            Also, according to him, you should do as many work sets as the progression standard demands. So for most exercises past step 3, that's only 2 work sets (at least until you get to the very advanced stages).

            I hope that helped!


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              Thanks folks, helpful indeed.

              Loving this training just like you guys, never thought bodyweight would be so tough!
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                Tonight I rocked 1/2 one-armed pushups - I did 3 sets of 5 per side. Burned out a set of decline diamond pushups to top it off and walked away. I'm learning that I need to put the hardest stuff first, after an easy warmup. Hit my strength goal, do one set of something easier for endurance at the end. That formula is working really really well for me. ends up being 3-5 work sets for each move. It's actually hard for me to not do more sets, but I'm trusting the program and the progressions outlined. I'm seeing major gains, especially in my grip. Grip is SUCH a weakness for me, and I consider myself a pretty strong dude. I bet I'm not the only one who unknowingly is held back on their pullup numbers by their grip. I never connected those dots until CC.