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Post V-diet training?

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  • Post V-diet training?


    I'm almost at the end of week 4 on the v-diet (liquid protein diet). As I'm nearing the end of the V-Diet, I'm contemplating what to do once it's over training wise. Diet wise i'll be eating primal but not sure which direction to take my training in.

    I've lost 22lbs in the past 4 weeks and a lot of the fat from my abdominal area has gone.

    I'm 6ft 3' and currently weigh 198lbs. My body fat is approx 16-18% Right now I have an 'average' physique. That is, not fat but not skinny.

    My goal is to be around 200lbs with around 10% bf

    My question is, do I continue training for fat loss (circuit style workouts - was thinking p90x maybe) or do a strength/size based program for 4-6 weeks just to change it up and then go back to fat burning after this?

    I know if I don't have a structured plan on place i'll just end up floundering and putting the weight (fat) back on. So would greatly appreciate any advice.

    Many thanks