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  • Zombies, Run! (exercise game)

    Hi all,

    I see that a couple of you have mentioned playing Zombies, Run! but I didn't see anyone mention the upcoming 5k update.

    Currently, when I play Zombies, Run! I play for about 40 minutes and my heart rate stays about 70% of max. However, the 3 times the zoms chase me, my heart-rate gets up to 80%. I figure I'm still being primal, since that only takes place 3 times, for about 1 minute each.

    However, the developers of Zombies, Run! are working on a couch to 5k version and I suspect they will have lots more zombie chases/sprinting for those.

    I'm so loving this game. After about 20 years of trying different exercise programs, this is the first one that has me eager to get up at 5:30 am and go! So, I'd like to do the couch potato to 5k version, once it comes out...but I'm worried it might count as chronic cardio.

    What say you?

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    I downloaded this about 2 months ago and find it really fun! However, because I don't have music on my Droid I just have lots of silence when running, with intermittent bits of the "game" as I go along. I did get freaked out one time thinking that someone was throwing glass bottles at me... then I realized it was in the game... haha!

    I haven't used it in well over a month because I'm trying to avoid long cardio sessions now, but it is still a fun little tool.
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      This sounds awesome! I definitely need to check it out. I need all the distractions I can get, especially when I'm jogging locally.


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        I'm frightened of my own shadow. I couldn't go to any scary Halloween event. No way could I do this. I would have nightmares. My kids would love it though.


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          I so want to get this app. I am not a runner but the couch to 5k sounds about my speed. My son and I are rabid Walking Dead fans so this app is right up our alley!
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            So, I'd like to do the couch potato to 5k version, once it comes out...but I'm worried it might count as chronic cardio.
            Sounds like a fun app! 30 mins of running 3 times a week would not constitute CC for anyone IMO.


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              Thank you all for sharing your thoughts with me!

              @MissJecka: That's cool that you played it too! Did you jog the whole mission or walk? Definitely add a music makes it more fun!

              @TheRidingLibrarian: I'm so in love with it! Please post if you try it out!

              @Annedaws: I know what you mean! I spotted a shadow (mine) next to me one morning (I was near a street light) and I jumped and squeaked! I swear, my dog, Leia, was laughing at me! *grin*

              When I play Zombies, Run! I walk briskly the whole time, unless a zombie chase takes place and then I sprint. Right now, the game is the perfect workout for my fitness level! I figure the 3 sprints a workout just constitute my 20% I have no intention of jogging for the full workout!!

              To my chagrin, my sprinting speed is not very fast. My heartbeat does get up to 90% sometimes...however, when my 7-year old daughter played with me, she causally walked during my sprint. *blush*

              @Primal me: You would love it! It is especially spooky at 5:30 am before the sun is up!!

              @Zilog: If 30 minutes of running 3 times a week doesn't constitute cc, then a daily 40 minute brisk walk with 5-10 sprints might possibly be ok, right? Or would the large number of sprints boost it up too much?

              Again, thanks all!
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                I run in the morning when it's still dark- sometimes I think about getting this app and then promptly shun the idea when I'm actually out. My shorts smell bad enough after a run without introducing that sort of element into them.


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                  Well, if you ever find that you need something to help motivate you to go exercise...then keep this in mind.


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                    Hi all,

                    I am re-reading Mark's 21 Day Transformation and noticed that Mark said that workouts should be fun! So, I'm going to forget about being stressed and just enjoy Zombies, Run!

                    Thanks everyone for your input and help!!