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What's the verdict on working out on an empty stomach?

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    Originally posted by golangrok View Post
    For me, the best time to work out is upon waking, when I usually don't have an appetite.
    "Work out" means strength training with free weights/machines, or a long walk.
    Will working out on an empty stomach necessarily aid weight loss?
    I consistently work out before I eat. Early morning work outs are great as I work up a great appetite.
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      I prefer working out on an empty stomach, but I've heard arguments from both sides on whether working out empty or fueled burns more fat, so I can't give a verdict on that. I just do it based on personal preference.
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        For me, it depends on which workout I'm doing.
        I do cardio fasted in the morning, and it works well for keeping my fat level low. For resistance (rings) I start out in a fasted state in the morning also, but I'll have a recovery drink with me and sip on it between exercises. For boxing workouts, which I do in the evening, I'll have something 2.5 to 3 hours beforehand. Not a full meal, but just enough to sate my appetite. Protein, carbs, and fat.


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          Verdict is its GOOD.


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            I gathered Nickhammer, THANKS.
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              Originally posted by Tom B-D View Post
              "The balls" is good, right?
              Oh yeah!
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