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How long to recover from gruelling squats workout?

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  • How long to recover from gruelling squats workout?

    As part of 5/3/1 I did a Boring but Big session of 5 x 15 at 52.5KG. (As per T NATION | Training Lab)

    There will be two more of these sets this cycle.

    I ached the next couple of days which is to be expected, but today's workout (3x3 squats and BBB deadlift) was a little 'flat' and a bit of a box-ticking exercise rather my usual effort at the gym - I'm usually looking forward to it on the drive there!

    Is it likely I'm still recovering a little after 4 - 5 days?

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    I just got through a 6 week stint of GVT (German Volume Training) and I notice a much longer recovery time due to the sheer amount of weight being moved. I ate like a horse during these 6 weeks. You might want to bump up for calories? Get more sleep (if possible). My legs where sore 4-5 days later from 100 rep squats. But, they were fine prior to training them again.
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      Thanks Fernaldo, I'm eating and sleeping plenty! I'm intruiged by your program though - 100 rep squats! I've done the infamous 20 rep widowmaker breathing squats and they are a real gut check, 100 is awesome!


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        Everyone is different when it comes to recovery time. I took 2 weeks off from training and when I got back to it my body was sore for 3 days and I was extra hungry than usual. 3 days of recovery is a long time for me. If I start a new regimen I usually need a day of recovery but I have noticed this since switching to primal and my recovery time has lessened.

        What I normally do if I'm extra sore is I sleep more if I can. I usually self massage the sore parts of my body with a natural based ointment sort of like arnica cream. I take a bath if I need to as well. Take a day off I'm my body is too sore and stretch a bit more than I would do on a regular basis. Foam rolling also helps if I can't get a massage with my therapist.


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          there is a giant chasm between myself and someone who derives any benefit from 100 reps in a squat rack.


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            Originally posted by Mr. Joshua View Post
            there is a giant chasm between myself and someone who derives any benefit from 100 reps in a squat rack.
            Having Googled it, the 100 reps is 10 sets of 10, so of more benefit than 100 squats in one go - you're right, that would seem pointless.


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              Originally posted by chronyx View Post
              Having Googled it, the 100 reps is 10 sets of 10, so of more benefit than 100 squats in one go - you're right, that would seem pointless.
              lol, I got it, I was commenting on 100 squats in one workout.


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                That specific variation of 5/3/1 BbB is known to leave you sore for an extended period of time. So much so that Jim recommends two things to get the most out of it and allow yourself to recover:

                1. Drop the deadlift day and replace it with something else (not lower body) while you are doing this.

                2. Only work out 3 days a week so you aren't even squatting once a week. It'd take you 5 weeks to complete the cycle and you will have only squatted four times. He specifically states that he wouldn't try to work out four days a week while doing this.

                This is stated right in the article that you linked. Doing more than this may be the classic mistake of thinking more is better when more may actually slow down progress.


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                  I agree with dgreenwood. I follow number two which makes my schedule look something like this

                  Cycle 1

                  Mon - Bench, Wed - Squat, Fri - Press, following week Mon - DL

                  Cycle 2

                  Wed - Bench, Fri - Squat, following week Mon - Press, Wed - DL

                  etc etc.

                  If I feel like I have a little extra gas in the tank during the third cycle (the balls out sets) I'll do more accessory work. Also, whatever lifts fall on the Monday after the weekend, I'll add an extra set or two of accessory work on the Wed prior.

                  So, if next Monday is Deadlift, I'll do good mornings or weighted back extensions on Wed. If it's Bench, I'll do Dumbell Bench or Flies etc etc
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                    It should take maximum of 2 days for recovering as I tested myself. It all depends on the personal resistance and training adaptations but I saw people squatting everyday and recovering pretty well.
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                      Recovery is the absolute least understood aspect of training. It is so downplayed. There have been clinical studies done on advanced trainees where it took as long as 3 weeks to recover from one leg workout! Yes that person could have trained sooner but they wouldn't have come back as strong as they did waiting the 3 weeks.

                      So the point here is that you are probably underestimating recovery and its importance. I recently due to life's situations, took about 3 weeks away from the gym and came back just as strong in most exercises and even stronger in others!


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                        5 x 15 @ 52.5 done today, and felt stronger than last time.

                        You're right about recovery though, I wouldn't have wanted to have done the workout any sooner, and did feel a little nervous on the drive to the gym. (Always the sign of a good workout plan!)


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                          usually take me around 4 days to recover. i always do all of my heavy lifts only once per week.


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                            I found that I switched to 5/3/1 that my SQTs improved when I started doing them 1-nce a week as opposite to 3x a week on Madcow! Doing each lift just once a week with lighter, higher volume support really hit home for me on the first cycle. Then, of course I over-reached, and dropped half the gain. I am starting the second now after stalling for 3 weeks on week 1. I am thinking that I will have to take an entire week off after the Week 4 deload on 5/3/1, because Week 3 is so brutal. Who would have thought that???
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