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    Hey everyone.

    After failing at the gym for an embarrassingly long time I've managed to put something together (with the help of primal theory) which works for me. It's a very enjoyable workout with zero ninny lifts. 2 days per week and you should be able to bang this out in an hour or less. I went from 34' waist and a barrel shape to a 31' waist and this in about a month (80% credit to diet, of course)


    pullups 5x to fail



    bb bench press

    "diamond" pushups 5x to fail

    2-4 day rest


    clean and press or over head press depending on mood

    lateral raises

    bent over lateral raises

    upright rows

    also I walk 3x per week abt 3 miles and I try to get one sprint workout in

    any questions, comments or critiques are certainly welcome. Thanks for reading.

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    i approve


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      has all the makings of a good plan.. kind of a strange split though


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        Originally posted by not on the rug View Post
        has all the makings of a good plan.. kind of a strange split though
        Agree and did not start out with this split in mind, it just felt natural to hit the chest on the same day I did pullups, and shoulders on a day I did cleans.


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          do whatever works for you. as long as you are making progress. a lot of people prefer a push/pull split. you could even try a push/pull/squat day if you had 3 days for heavy lifting


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            i think this is healthy, you have designed a program that is in tune with your body, everyone needs to do this eventually, after they are comfortable with the fundamentals.


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              Actually that split works really well. It's much more symmetrical when it comes to joint actions and directions of movement!
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