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  • Quick 5/3/1 Advice

    For those familiar with the 5/3/1 program:

    I just started this month and have completed the 5s week and the 3s week. Next week is 5/3/1 and then a deload week to finish the first cycle.

    I should have started a week later than I did so that the deload weeks for this cycle and next would line up with a business trip I have in September and then a vacation to Europe in October. I'm thinking about repeating a week after week 3 in order to push the deloads back to align with my schedule.

    Any advice on which week I should repeat if I do this? 5s? 3s? 5/3/1? Or any other advice on how to handle this situation?


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    I'm in the same boat. Just finished 5/3/1 week with BbB assistance. This coming week, schedule wise is easy, but the week after is problematic. My plan is to skip the deload week, start over with 5's on Monday. On my 3's week run NDJS assistance for time, and to give my body a bit of a break, and deload as normal after 5/3/1.

    And eat a shit ton of beef, sweet potatoes, salmon and whey.


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      That's a good idea.

      I'm doing BbB assistance work too and since this is my first month on the program maybe the deload isn't quite as important as normal since I'm still on the weights that are a little lighter than they'll be in a couple of months. Skipping the deload and taking a break from all of those 5x10s could be all of the break I need.