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Move Frequently at a Slow Pace

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  • Move Frequently at a Slow Pace

    Hello all...

    My new goal is to take two long walks on the weekends inspired by Paleobird's 14 mile urban hikes. Yesterday I did about 6 miles (my dog could barely hang!) and today I will do one that is about 7 miles. I am going to work my way up to 15 miles. During the week I walk my dog everyday but she is getting older and gets hot easily so my one hour walks with her have turned into 30 minute walks. I am going to get her back into shape on these long walks and with fall/winter coming around the corner she won't heat up anymore.

    Anyways, the point of this post was to give you this link where you can make and save maps for routes and mileage. I like this a lot because now I can plan my urban hikes and know how many miles I am going to walk! Hope you find it useful, too!

    Running, Running Maps and Running Routes, Runners Community | MapMyRUN