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Yohimbe advice???

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  • Yohimbe advice???

    Has anyone had luck using Yohimbe during fasted states to accelerate the last stubborn fat or lean out? I know I have read some on this in the lean gains approach and I am considering it. I used it maybe 10 years ago when I was way out of shape and probably not in the correct dosages and it gave me insomnia. However, that was for a more "primal" activity that it is known to help but the insomnia wasn't worth it.

    I'm thinking if used split up in the morning in a fasted state I may be fine by sleep time?

    Any thoughts or experiences would be great!
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    Looks kind of dangerous, but then it is supposed to give you a woody. Yohimbine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


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      From Martin Berkhan's LeanGain Site:

      "This herb may be particularily useful for those trying to get rid of stubborn body fat - such as the fat covering lower abs and back in lean men and thighs and hips in lean women. Hokey as that may sound, there is a valid explanation for how this occurs. Lyle McDonald explains this in great detail in The Stubborn Body Fat Solution. In short, yohimbine inhibits alpha-2-receptors (and lower abs/back has a high density of a2-receptors) which aids with blood flow and fat mobilization from stubborn fat areas."

      The pubmed link below...

      Yohimbine: the effects on body compos... [Res Sports Med. 2006 Oct-Dec] - PubMed - NCBI
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