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    It's not really that important. 50 metres isn't some magical distance. But a long stride is around 1m so stride out a distance, set a marker down and then run to and from it.
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      Thanks, everyone! I think I'll try those hill springs and go for time, first... maybe use my Garmin to figure out how many meters (approx) they are, but maybe not. I have a lot to work with now. Thanks again!
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        I go on a grassy field that I roughly measured from the arial photo. Then I run like hell till I can't run any more. Then I walk back to the starting point. Rinse, repeat.
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          Don't have to worry about distance. Just pick a direction, and start running as fast as you possibly can. When you start gasping for air, keep going, count to 10 and stop.

          Close long as you truly are going as hard as you can...


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            I sprint my yard....I live in a suburb on about 3/4 of an acre. I make laps around my house in 20 second bursts for that there 4 minutes. I really don't give 2 spits what the neighbors thing of my antics . I also do handstands and walk on my hands in my driveway. Yes they all love me.


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              I have a drainage ditch i like to sprint; about 50 meters across, V-shaped, both sides about 15 degree incline with a 1.5 meter concrete drain-way at the bottom to jump across...