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Anyone seen this annoying guy?

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  • Anyone seen this annoying guy?

    Robb Wolf got a gut? How come the paleo bloggers/authors are chubby? Durianrider's Blog
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    How come the guy who has lifted the heaviest weight ever at the Olympics is huge with quite a bit of fat?

    Because it takes big men to move big things. Paul Anderson wasn't 153 pounds and ripped to deadlift. On the contrary...

    Paul Anderson deadlift (50's years) - YouTube

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      Have a look at Sisson - No gut there! I've seen pretty fit guys with quite a bit of body fat, by generally accepted standards... Some dudes also have that strange build where their abs 'balloon' with hard use, and they look quite fat, when they are actually not. Cody Lundin looks chubby on occasion, and is extremely fit, for example. And yes, a lot of the 'strongmen' in comps old and modern had a rather rotund mid-section.


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        How did I know this thread would be about Durianrider??

        I saw a vid of his where he showed "paleo" women vs "raw vegan" women, and said how he'd NEVER seen a success story for a paleo woman losing weight... yeah, right... cause there are NONE online. I mean it's soooo incredibly impossible to find photographic evidence of paleo women losing weight isn't it??

        Funny how I've had more success in just a few weeks of primal/paleo than I EVER did trying to eat raw vegan .


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          I thought this would be about Robb being annoying because he calls everyone buttercup!