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So I just got a new job in a distribution center as a trailer unloader....

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  • So I just got a new job in a distribution center as a trailer unloader....

    It's better pay, closer to my house but a lot more physically demanding than my current job. A lot of it will be constantly moving mixed items to their own palettes. I own a pull up/dip station here at home. This one exactly:

    Weider 200 Power Tower: Sports & Outdoors

    Also I own 50 pound adjustable dumbbells. I was thinking of doing SimpleFit 3 days a week and on my off days. Doing Burpees with the pushups routine. I just don't want my boss to look at me and say you can't keep up. I want him to say the opposite. "You are the best in shape out there".

    I wanted to join Crossfit but I can't afford the funds for it right now. I can about four months from now. Do you think this is a good routine or should I do something different?

    By the way the new job starts August 29, 2012.
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    Make sure you get your squats in.


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      You should be fine with your plan. I used to unload trailers many moons ago, as long as your not slacking off intentionally, nobody is going to call you out. They generally understand it takes some getting used to. I think you'll find you won't need a crossfit gym after a couple months being a Lumper.


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        I did a few months moving milk crates around, part-time, about 5 hours per day. It was exhausting for the first few weeks. I wouldn't try to add too much on top of that.


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          Thank you for the replies. They really help. I knew I could count on the people on the forum.


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            You'll be great with doing the SimpleFit. It definitely works.