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Seriously lacking motivation

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    Try finding a tangible fitness goal. Sign up for a run or set a goal of a long trek or a certain strength number that is quantifiable. Make sure it is something that gets you excited and use that as your proverbial Carrot
    "The mountains are calling me, I must go"

    "don't let school get in the way of your education"

    Shameless Everest/Himalaya hiking company plug


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      Thanks guys for all of the advice!

      Basically I think I'm in the same rut as magnolia1973, I find the Primal Blueprint workout extremely boring. My motivation was lacking as my lack of actual results.
      Yesterday I hopped back on the treadmil for the first time in 3 months, and I felt so much better. I think for me personally, it is about being able to track my progress and feel like I accomplished something in my workout in order to motivate me.
      I know running on the treadmil is not Grok, but until I can afford a high tech watch that tells me how fast I am running every second I just am not satisfied and I stuggle with internal push your self motivation.
      My solution: Eat Primal and do workout that I am happy doing. Also.. play more tennis.
      My workouts will NOT be as intense as pre-primal because they won't need to be. So still 30 min or so workouts, but in a gym, where my motivation is high. (plus in a gym I'm stuck there, forcing me to do something, I mean what else is there to do in a gym but workout?)
      I know some may not agree, but this is my mitigation plan cuz I CANNOT do this other kind of working out anymore.


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        Also, you might consider trying something new as exercise. You may just be bored with what you have been doing. I rarely stick with the same routine more than a couple of months because it almost always gets boring to me. Not necessarily easy, just boring and not motivating. Nothing like a new challenge to get you interested in working out.


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          If you like tracking progress... learn how to do the followin lifts and try to make lineral progress.

          Squat, bench press, deadlift, overhead press, chin up.