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  • hurt kneese

    Iv been doing squats for a long time but recently I have decided to go deeper and heavier. My knees have been hurting for the past couple weeks. Is this something that will go away once i get used to going deeper? Or is it most likely a fault with my technique?


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    Back off on the heavier for a little bit until you get more accustomed to the deeper.


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      Certainly I'd drop the weight for a bit and concentrate on form, maybe use a KB to goblet squat instead of a barbel back squat.

      Also another important point is are your knees staying properly aligned. Most people tend to pull their knees in slightly when they deep squat even without weight. I've seen a lot of people who try to do deep weighted squats who are not even able to do a good deep bodyweight squat

      Before you start lifting do some deep Grok squats, get your elbows and if possible your shoulders between you knees and try to pry your hips open. Take an even wider stance than you would normally squat with. Try to hold hold the position for 30 seconds for 3-5 reps.

      Another bonus is if are able to make extra space in the bottom position it will be much easier to maintain a flat back when you are loaded.


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        Is kneese the plural for knoose?


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          I have had both of my knees operated on. I do body weight squats ONLY. I go deep and go to failure on all set's. Knees are strong now with no issues.


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            Try doing body weight squats while keeping you weight on your heels and making sure your knees do not go forward of your toes. You can do this by using a pole in front of you or by a weighted pulley system in the gym to keep you balanced.

            I have a replaced knee and this is the only way I can do squats.