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    Been using CC2's grip strengthening for the last several weeks with great results. towel hangs, especially. My forearms are getting RIPPED - something I didn't think would happen - and my pullup reps have increased b/c my grip is less of a weak link than it used to be. Never took grip training seriously til about a month ago... That was dumb. Now I'm smarter


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      Originally posted by Al_Kavadlo View Post
      I've done various fingertip holds as well as plenty of grip work hanging from the bar. Just doing lots of pull-ups will do wonders for your grip. I'm actually planning to do a blog post on grip/fingertip strength at some point in the near future.

      In the meantime, there is a great book I recommend with lots of info on training your grip, fingers and hands. It's called Convict Conditioning 2.
      will have a look, cheers