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Handstand nasal congestion

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  • Handstand nasal congestion

    I was enjoying learning to handstand and making slow progress, but the inversion seemed to block my nose.
    Don't know if it's dry winter air, but I've been congested more lately (I haven't been upside down for a couple of weeks now)

    Has anyone else found handstands to do this?

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    I'm totally the opposite. I use inverted positions (handstand or headstand) to clear up my nose. It temporarily blocks while I'm upside down, but then everything whooshes out when I stand up again.


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      I get the same problem when I have my head in the massage table holes designed to put your head into.


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        Yeah, that's pretty common, probably because of the duration.


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          My nasal region gets a little silly on me sometimes, but I find if I haven't been doing inversions and then I start incorporating them again, I get more congested temporarily. Like there was some stuff somewhere back there being brought to the surface or something? Anyway, if I keep doing them, and use a neti pot, it gets better...
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            Get a humidifier. Best thing I ever did for my sinuses in northern winters. The funny part is that I actually bought it because my guitars were warping in the dryness, but since then my winter sinus problems have all but disappeared. Going primal made it even better.


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              Just keep doing them as you will adapt and the blockage will dissapear
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