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what happens to our muscles when...

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  • what happens to our muscles when...

    we do an intense workout, sprinting or lifting, and don't eat after?

    My whole life I'd try and eat right after my work out, because I thought it was a requirement for maximum gains. Obviously this isn't the cut and dry case, and I'm interested in experimenting with post workout fasting since many people have come to swear by it.

    Does the body put muscle reconstruction on hold? Like keeps it on the "to do" list until it gets protein? I'm very interested in the physiological processes behind post workout fasting.

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    As long as you're eating adequately throughout the day, your body should be able to repair and refuel (albiet more slowly) without benefit of a PWO meal, over about 24 hours.

    That said, I found that once I reached a very lean state, I needed more carbs and some PWO intake to keep up my energy at high activity levels (workouts plus a LOT of moving slowly).

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      The Jury is still out on which is best and at the end of the day it may not matter.

      Apparently HGH rises after a fasted workout if you delay the PWO meal.

      There's also increased protein intake (and other advantages) when eating directly after a workout.

      I try to get the best of both worlds by delaying my PWO meal by about 1hr. I've never read anything compelling enough to change this.

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        Interesting...I guess it's just one less thing I'm going to worry about. I'll just eat when I feel like it.


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          I've seen it reported that you get more fat burning if you fast after working out so worth a try if you are trying to lose weight, but otherwise I can't see the point. Don't know how true this is - I've seen the opposite claimed as well.

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