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Therapy Tip for Chronic Injuries: And a BIG thanks to this forum.

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  • Therapy Tip for Chronic Injuries: And a BIG thanks to this forum.

    After five sessions of therapy, I am a new man! Thanks in part to this forum for turning me on to Active Release Technique.

    Two years ago I had a fantastic sports day way out of my norm: I ran, sprinted, played tennis for the better part of the day. The next week was painful with major tendonitis, pressure and swelling in my leg.
    I tried physical therapy, massage, seeing a chiropractor.
    Things got a little better, but not much. I bought self massage tools such as a foam roller and "the Stick", used tennis and baseballs to roll on also.
    All these helped, but the issue kept returning. For TWO YEARS!
    Three weeks ago I was on my weekly fast, which I combine with prayer for spiritual renewal. My focus was on how to heal my leg for good. I had the impression to search for solutions on this forum. I found a brief mention about Active Release Technique. Booked an appointment with a local guy, saw immediate benefit after two sessions. Will probably end up going a few more times to maintain it.

    I'm hiking again, running, doing leg workouts from You are Your Own Gym. Life is good!

    HOW CAN THIS HELP YOU? You're a good candidate for Active Release or similar therapy if you have a SOFT TISSUE problem that you are having trouble getting over. Muscle, tendon, nerve, fascia issues.

    There are several similar kinds of therapy. Myofascial massage was the first, and is great. Next, a more advanced/specialized version built on this: Active Release Technique and also Graston Technique. I haven't experience Graston myself, and not sure which one is better.

    ART is done by some massage therapists, also some Chiropractors. Make sure they specialize in it and certify every year for it. Most chiropractors just snap your bones around and don't focus on the underlying cause which is often the soft tissue, so it makes sense to go to a chiropractor that focuses on ART also.

    RESEARCH: I recommend to everyone that you research and watch some videos on fascia, myofascial massage, and ART, even if you're not in chronic pain so that you can know how to maintain the fascia and fine tune your body. This is my plan going forward- proactively maintain to avoid future trauma.

    Thanks again to those that posted their experiences with ART. I thank you. My kids thank you since I'm going on hikes with them. My wife thanks you since I am more willing to transform our yard into the garden of eden she desires.