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Tried a new workout today...

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  • Tried a new workout today...

    My neighborhood consists of many small communities that are about 1/3rd square mile in size. Each community has its own "playground" (basically a prebuilt playground setup). I had this epiphany that I could jog to a "playground" and do a body weight exercise. Jog to the next "playground" and do an exercise and jog...and so on and so forth. It is about an 1/8th of a mile between playgrounds. First playground was push-ups using the slide. Next was pull-ups. Every bench I passed I did dips. Well after hitting 8 playgrounds I was absolutely wiped out. My muscles were completely drained. I could barely walk home after the last "playground"!!! Each "playground" I came to I figured out a body weight exercise to do, trying to mix things up a bit.

    For reference, I regularly run 5 miles and do body weight exercises once or twice a week (I will occasionally run 10+ miles). This time I covered probably 3 miles total, but with the the other stuff I was totally OUT of energy!!

    I have a feeling I will be SORE tomorrow!!

    Good stuff! If you have this type of neighborhood, think about it! You could even just walk between "playgrounds".

    Just another optional workout idea!! You could even do laps back to the same "playground" and walk between reps!!

    Maybe I'll do a video of what you can do at these playgrounds. This workout cleaned my clock!! LOL


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    Sounds a really good workout, doing HIIT in the fresh air.
    I love watching Al Kavadlo's you tube workouts in the park. Though that's all I do - watch. No way could I do anything like he does.
    If you haven't seen them, worth checking out.


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      Way to use what's available. I don't have such a scenario avail. to me so I do a 45 min. thing in my BSMT. Got a pole to wrap a cable around for var. band exercises incl. rotator cuff and squats, a washer and dryer to split and turn into a dip station, a doorway pullup bar down there, and a barbell sitting there that I use for DLs. The ceiling is just high enough to allow for some club-swinging and/or sledgehammer. Good luck guys.


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        I've watched a few of Al's videos and that is what led me to this idea. I was wishing we had a park like Al's. Then I thought about the playground sets.

        Evidently it worked good since I am sore today! LOL



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          A couple of years ago I was greasing the groove on chinups at my son's ball games where there was a parallel ladder at a perfect height. In betw. innings I wd. knock out a set of 11 and get in anywhere fr. 66 if not so motivated to 99. I've just started this again at home but I'm only up to sets of six.


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            Can you imagine going to your park and seeing someone do what Al does? I am just in awe. He makes it all look so easy. I had a go the other day at the one leg squats he does with his other leg parallel to the floor. I was rubbish, makes me realise how inflexible I am.


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              Sounds awesome, I live in the countryside and the nearest playground to me is in the next village. I have a door pull up bar but I find it awkward to use given my height. So I've taken to jogging to the playground to do an upperbody workout then back again. I'd love to live near a playground setup like you have Bob