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Burning sensation in thighs

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  • Burning sensation in thighs

    Let me start by saying I have been following a low carb, primal life style since mid January. I have lost 55 Lbs and my BP and BS numbers are better than they have been for 15 years. Blood sugar was 97 this morning before breakfast. I have been good about no grains, sugars or processed foods the entire time. I'm 64 YO and currently at 260 Lbs.

    About a Month ago I started getting a flashing, burning sensation in the thighs of my legs. It happens when I put my legs up. It can be quite painful and feels better if I massage the area. It isn't like a lactic acid build up from needing carbs. It feels more like it is near the surface.

    I have been doing once a week high intensity workouts to failure for a month now and the leg press isn't affected by this pain at the time. However at night when I put my feet up I get the pains.

    I was thinking the metformin (1000mg twice a day) I am still taking might be causing this? Has anyone had a similar experience? I'm scheduled for a blood draw to measure levels soon and a talk with my GP to lower some of the meds I have been taking for 20 years.