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Advice for a ligament tear

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  • Advice for a ligament tear

    I ruptured my AC ligament (in the shoulder, grade 2) back in December, that's 8 months ago. To this day I'm still having constant problems with it.

    Lifting heavy things (with upper body) is completely out of the equation. It's also difficult to lift lower body due to having to stabilize/hold weights at times. I had to quit soccer (running aggravates the hell out of it). Today I attempted a sprint workout, I even iced afterwards, and all day now it has been bothering the hell out of me. You wouldn't believe how much this thing interferes with my day to day life. I'm a very outdoorsy stay-in-shape kinda person. It's wearing on me a huge amount that I'm as limited as I am, for this damn long.

    Anywho, I'm wondering from the primal community what I should be doing about this. I understand inflammation is healing, so it kind of gears me away from the icing, I don't know how stupid that might sound.. but should I ice? Or let the inflammation do it's job?

    Will anti-inflammatory food actually assist in the healing? What other things should I be eating, and will they make a significant difference?

    Should I even be doing rehab? I've been going to a physical therapist, she had a rehab routine she wanted me to do daily. My pain only seems to increase, and it doesn't make it look promising. I know I have to start somewhere but it doesn't feel right. Sometimes I'll bench the bar or do very very light upper body work without pain, and that's what my body seems to be telling me to stick to for now.

    What about cortisone shot? The orthopaedic surgeon seems to think surgery is completely unecessary and if all else fails he will do a shot. I'm partial against the shot, it's not exactly primal, and I've had one in my wrist before (it made things worse). I've read very good things about specific surgery types/surgeons, I wouldn't trust this surgeon to do anything on me anyways.

    Anything else I should be doing/not thinking of? I've tried supplementation of all kinds (cissus, spray on called joint force, take my fish oils and stuff) My work sometimes involves lifting heavy things. I don't have pain during but I always feel the bad ache after. It's sort of unavoidable at this point. My shop is very under manned and things need to be done (military).

    I apologize for the tl;dr. Just looking for answers. I'm going a little crazy here. Thanks for the help!