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Moving to Denver in two about this altitude thing

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  • Moving to Denver in two about this altitude thing

    I live in Houston so this is going to be a huge change for me as this Texas boy has yet to see real snow etc.

    I hear nothing but horror stories about moving to an altitude like that but wondering what to really expect in terms of training. Am I going to pass out in my KB swings? or get dizzy doing deadlifts?


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    It seems that altitude affects different people differently. I wasn't bothered moving from a coastal city to Colorado Springs (similar altitude). But I hear that as long as you keep very well hydrated and take it easy for a few days, you should be fine unless you're one of those that just can't handle altitude. My blog exploring the beginning stages of learning how to homestead. With the occasional rant.

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      I know going to lower altitudes gives me crazy amounts of stamina. And I've seen the effect going to higher altitudes has on opponents and Calgary is only 3500ft above sea level.

      I don't think you're gonna pass out, but you will get gassed a lot easier for the first while.

      Full acclimatization usually takes a couple months though.
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        I feel like crap at altitude. In Denver I just feel generally crappy, low stamina, etc. But a bit higher than that and I get short of breath and all the other crap just from walking!

        It will just take your body a month or two to make some extra red blood cells and you'll be okay. Focus on staying very well hydrated, getting plenty of electrolytes, and eating really well for the first two months and you'll likely be fine.
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          It's going to make you feel like crap for a week, more if your unfit, less if you are. Hangovers are way worse too.
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            And booze will hit you quicker, too.

            For me, when in Aspen or Teluride one glass of wine has the affect of 2.


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              I live at 1000 feet and spent 2 weeks in Philmont at altitudes from 6500 up to 10,000 feet. If you're like me (and I'm in my 50s) you'll acclimate enough in about a week to feeling normal. Feeling normal working out may take a bit longer. Go hiking in the mountains. The higher alt. should force your body to adapt to Denver's alt quicker.
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