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SS - typical stall weight and what next?

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  • SS - typical stall weight and what next?

    I did my 7th session for starting strength today (Sat/M/Th). Haven't stalled on any of the lifts yet, but it feels like it's coming very soon. I'm wondering what the typical stall weights are for women. Would it be the novice weights listed on the chart? Adjusted for my approximate body weight (although I'm currently losing weight):
    Press - 70 (can do 80) 83
    Squat - 139 (did 125 today) 164
    Bench - 104 (did 100 today) 122
    Dead - 174 (did 155 today, accidentally 3x5) 204
    Powerclean - 100 (did 95 Th) 118

    Is this good progress? Looks like I have maybe another 2 weeks if I compare to these numbers. Or should I be aiming for the intermediate level (last number in those rows?) With only a couple weeks left, I want to being researching what to do next. Should I switch to a body weight program for a while to let my body recover some from these heavy weights? Or is there a maintenance program I can switch to?

    Thanks for the ideas!