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Merrell Dash Glove- some questions about easing into them

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  • Merrell Dash Glove- some questions about easing into them

    I'm buying a pair today and i'm wondering if I need to ease into using them for my runs(4-5 miles)

    I have read that with Vibrams you have to work very slowly into them

    do you recommend that with Merrells as well?

    if so how?


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    if you're a heel striker, you will want to work on changing your running form a bit. merrells are awesome, but they do have a little more on the bottom than vibrams, so they are a lot like normal running shoes. i'd recommend walking in them for a little bit, then increasing to a jog or run, being very aware of how your foot is landing. with minimalist shoes you really want to land with the forefoot or midfoot, just barely kissing the ground with your heel. that can take a little getting used to, so you may want to stick to 1-3 miles at first before heading out into a 5 miler.


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      Quickest way I found to change my form was to run barefoot. You will only heel strike once or twice on a rock before you learn watch your foot strike and your foot placement. If you do try barefoot, do your regular run and take your shoes off for the last block. Increase your distance gradually letting callouses. It is very free feeling to do a bit if barefoot at the end of a run.

      I have been running in Vibrams for months now but I still do the occasional barefoot run (when the Arizona sidewalks are cool enough).

      For the Merrels, start slow. Be conscious of rubbing spots and foot fatigue. Start with a mile and expand as you feel comfortable. Your feet may be a little achy and muscle/bone sore at first. Let it heal and head out again when it feels good.

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        Thank you both

        My feet are very used to being barefoot. I only wear flip flops anytime their isnt snow. I only walk barefoot in the house and yard too and lift and do aerobics and step workouts indoors barefoot

        But I did a slow 10 minute jog tonight and wore my shoes to work(which felt terrible as I'm in flip flops most of the year) and felt nice. Well see how they feel tomorrow.

        I will not be wearing them to work though. My feet felt very confined in them all day lol but very comfortable