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NAVY SEAL Training + Nitric Oxide Supplement Safety...

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  • NAVY SEAL Training + Nitric Oxide Supplement Safety...

    Hello everyone. I am new to these forums, however I have been following Mark's Primal Blueprint for a few weeks now. I always believed in many of the philosophies preached on this site, however it's a Godsend to finally have some reinforcement!

    That being said, I am currently 22-years of age and have about a year and a half left of college. I am currently about to undertake a 6-month training regimen to help me prepare for the US NAVY SEALS. This will eventually require up to 19-22miles of running every other day, along with lots of swimming and pushups, situps, pullups.

    My first problem is that this training is a 'necessity' in order to get into the physical shape necessary to 'compete' at BUD/S training (SEALS hell-week), and the ensuing years of training, assuming you make it initially. My understanding was that the Primal_Blueprint does NOT support or recommend endurance training (e.g. long-distance training can suppress the immune system, cardio is the enemy, etc.). How should I go about this training? Should I ignore the Primal Blueprint altogether in my quest for elite military fitness? Side Note: I don't plan on sustaining this fitness for my entire life, probably only for the next 5-7 years (however long a SEAL contract will last for).

    My second problem has to do with a supplement called 'Nitric Oxide'. It acts as a vasodilator, which increases the oxygen in your blood/veins and helps to deliver nutrients/oxygen to the muscles with greater efficiency. It's also one of the main ingredients found in Viagra. My concern with this supplement (BSN Nitrix, or any NO2 supplement) is that it could potentially have long-term health deficiencies on my body, particularly the arterial lining or possible heart-valve malfunction due to an abnormal increase in blood from an outside mechanism (even though it occurs naturally in the body).

    I've scoured all over the internet for information on Nitric Oxide, does anyone have ANY advice or 'scientific studies/evidence' to suggest that a Nitric Oxide supplement can be severely detrimental to my long-term health?

    Thanks for all your support!

    - Paul