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thoughts on workouts through an injury

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  • thoughts on workouts through an injury

    So, while helping a friend move, I cracked a couple ribs. The details of the situation which led to the injury are unimportant.

    As anyone that has had cracked ribs before knows, it is really painful. In my experience (I have broke and cracked other ribs in the past), the pain is intense, but the risk to further agitating the injury is typically low. My previous rib issues happened before I started regular workouts. I was curious what some of you have done through your injuries to maintain some sort of work out. Is it better to rest and heal as fast as possible? What about isolated exercises that avoid core work? Thoughts?
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    i'm pretty sure i cracked a rib last year during a mud run, from falling off an obstacle. i was actually sure that i broke it that day, but the symptoms lined up more with just a crack and a bruised lung.
    i took a full month off of exercise at first, doing little more than taking the occasional walk. once i was able to breathe well again, and move easier, i upped the pace and added in a little light cycling. after about two months i found that i could handle some light jogging, hiking, etc...and i could manage a pull up with minimal pain. from there, i would try a little more each day, increasing my pull up and push up numbers/difficulty.

    i've tried working through injuries before, and i've tried resting to heal. resting wins without a doubt.take some time to heal and come back strong. resting allows the body to do it's thing and send blood where it needs to go, your ribs, rather than trying to refill you legs or something from working out.


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      Yeah, I'm leaning towards full rest, though the habit of working out is something I'd like to maintain. I've given thought towards doing a really easy but habit-maintaining work out.


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        It depends which ribs you've cracked but it's generally better to let them heal before going back in at full pace. What does your workout normally consist of?

        Either way, this could be a good opportunity to focus on lots of slow movement and/or stretching.
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          I cracked a few ribs in 2008. Heavy breathing, coughing, laughing and sneezing (worst) were brutally painful.

          If you are going crazy on the couch perhaps do very low intensity (walking, stationary bike, etc). Breathing deeply is excruciating. I think I took a few weeks off, went to light cardio then started with light lifting of legs & arms before chest/back/shoulders/abs.

          Regardless, that sucks. It’s awfully painful and frustrating when you forget you have a cracked rib and make an unnecessary movement. I broke a collarbone in high school and have not even come close to that pain in a long time.