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Advice wanted on qualifying for USMC fitness test

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  • Advice wanted on qualifying for USMC fitness test

    I became a Palo (Primal) convert after reading the Primal Blueprint last October. To say it has changed my life is an understatement but I'm preparing for a challenge that I'm asking for advice and some suggestions on.

    I am a Marine who volunteered for and was accepted into Force Recon. The testing for entry was tough and out of 103 who tried out 4 made it in my group, including me.

    I want to requalify and attain the same standards I did during that time so long ago and am almost on track but need some inspiration and advice.

    It's a simple test to many here, I know, and included:

    • 20 Pullups in boots
    • 50 Pushups in one minute
    • 70 Situps in two minues
    • 3 mile run in 18:00 minutes.
    • 1/2 mile swim in fatigues.

    There were a few other goodies but time has dimmed them from memory. Now, keep in mind I took that test 54 years ago this coming October and next year for my 75th Birthday this coming April I want to requalify. I'm pretty much on track and using the following workout but really need some suggestions or ideas on what to include or not include.

    I'm currently 74, 5' 9" 154 lbs 12% - 10% BF

    Twice a week: (Tue/Thur)
    All exercises 10 reps / 3 sets and I try to add reps to 12 then increase weight as possible.
    • Squats 70%-90% body weight
    • DB push/Press - 40 lbs
    • Pullups/Chin ups 3 sets 10 Pullups followed by 10 Chinups
    • Pushups 3 sets 35
    • Curls - BB 70 lbs
    • Tri Extension - 95 lbs
    • Weighted Incline Situp 35 lbs
    • 'Tim Ferris' Bosu situp 20
    • Incline Curlup/Leg Raise 15

    Twice a week: (Mon/Wed)
    30 minutes of Tabata Race Walk / Sprint followed by
    1 mile swim using intervals of 25 yd sprint, 125 yd moderate pace

    Thanks for any input or suggestions. I appreciate it and this forum and web site. Mark Sisson has changed my life more than he can ever know.


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    First of all Bill, if what you've posted is true, that you're 74 years young, following the routine you've outlined, and on track to pass that test -- then you're just straight badass in my opinion. That's seriously awesome.

    My only thought is that, if I was in your place I'd probably do a trial run of the test and use that to figure out what I need to work on. Some of that stuff may be really easy for you, other parts may be more challenging. Run a mock test and see where your weaknesses are, then focus on making them your strengths.

    I'd probably drop most exercises that didn't help me improve my weaknesses. For example, let's say you can already easily do the 50 push-ups in one minute, then why bother with all the chest/tri training (DB bench, pushups, tri extensions)? For that matter, why are you doing tri extensions at all? If you do compound chest stuff (pushups, dips, whatever) hard enough then that should engage your triceps plenty.

    Anyway, let the forum know which areas of the test you're confident in and which parts you're worried about. That's really the key info that anyone is going to need to give you truly useful advice.

    Good luck!


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      I agree with above. It would be good to establish a baseline upon which to improve. And I have to are my new hero
      Josh Vernier, CPT

      My Journal

      Evolution Revolution Fitness

      "The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me."

      -Ayn Rand


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        Great advice guys. I'll do the test and post here.

        Bill Vick | Facebook


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          74? Awesome! You are my new hero as well!

          "Pain is weakness leaving the body!"