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Vibrams and ankle weirdness...

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  • Vibrams and ankle weirdness...

    I didn't want to hi-jack the other vibram foot I started this one...please merge it if you like mods.

    so since I have been using vibrams...3-4 right ankle has some...discomfort for the first 5-10 is above the ankle bone on my right ankle on the almost feels like the tendon is a bit "dry" and takes a little work to get warmed up...if that makes any sense?? any comments??

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    You might want to get it checked out to be safe.
    It does sound like a bit more warm up needed but you may also want to check your running form.
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      Ditto, form is king, especially they way your feet move, pronate etc


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        Agree also. It may just be a muscle that isn't used to firing after years of over-supportive shoes and, therefore, unnatural gait patterns...but it would definitely be a good idea to get it looked at.
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          I've had some problems too with the back of my heels feeling really tight, like they might want to tear if I jog - trying to gently work thru it.


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            Is this pain in front of or behind the bone? If you could take a pic of ur foot pointing to the spot, I can perhaps offer a bit more help .. Feet/ankles are a rather complex bunch so perhaps a bit more detail.

            Does this pain only occur when starting movement and then go away? Also, how old are you?



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              I am 57, female, fit, not overweight, and have been wearing my vibrams for walking/jogging about 3-4 months - thought I would eventually adapt but it is getting worse - tried giving myself a break to see if I'd heal and no improvement. It feels like the back part of my heel (not the sole) below my ankles (the part where the back of your shoe fits) is very tight and painful. Walking isnt too bad and if I'm just sitting, no pain at all (just slight awareness) . It is worse when I first get up or have been sitting a long time. I almost have to "hobble" around until it "warms" up. I love wearing my vibrams because they don't make my knees hurt. Any suggestions? Thanks for your reply DoctorB2B