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Problems with feet and vibrams?

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  • Problems with feet and vibrams?

    I bought my first pair of vibrams about two month ago and loved them from the get go. However, two weeks or so after daily use it felt like my feet were broken the next morning. I stopped wearing for a week then reintroduced them a few days in the week. Pain went away in left foot but my right foot still hurts all day everyday. Broken? Anyone else having issues with foot pain and vibrams? Note: I didn't know vibram had a "foot training" program for their shoes until recently and have followed it strictly but still have same foot pain on top middle and under foot. Thoughts?

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    it took awhile for my feet to adapt as well..comfy while wearing them, but some muscle aches and cramps after extended I have no pain. i would continue to follow vibrams recommended break in schedule and take it slow


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      Depending on what type of footwear your feet are used to, it may very well be that the muscles in your feet are just very unused to working so hard. Follow the recommendations and if the pain doesn't subside definitely get it checked out.
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