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Primal training for cyclocross

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  • Primal training for cyclocross

    Hello primal blueprinters,

    My exercise challenge is to find an exercise routine that is suitable for my hobby, cyclocross, and that is primal (enough).

    I really did not like the long hours on the bike in the build phase, and I did not have a the time anyway. So the primal way of exercise seems to suit me just fine. But will it work??
    Due to illness I havent been able to train for months. And I've got only 2 months left for the first race.
    At the moment I do some biking in the easy zones while going to work (that is good for 2 to 3 hrs of move slowly part). The rest of moving slowly is usually houshold and gardening. But this seems not enough to me. Probably should get more of this.
    My lift heavy things is split in 2. 2x2 of each. 1 is crunch, plank and push-ups, 2 being squat and pull-up. So 2 days a week number 1 and 2 days a week number 2, ususally 10 to 15 minutes. Maybe this is not good, and I should do more in a session and less sessions? But I do this because of time constraints.
    The play is off road sessions on the cross-bike and technical traning, and the sprint is the interval training on the cross bike. I am very curious on what level this type of routine is going to get me.

    Anyway, suggestions are welcome.

    Best regards,
    Miss Piggy