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One-arm Chin Up

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  • One-arm Chin Up

    I can do maybe ten chin-ups (i.e. a pullup with palms facing). I try to do one with just one arm and I just stand there like a fool. Any tips on getting to one-arm chin up nirvana?

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    Same as with normal chin-up progression. Start at the top and lower yourself with one arm, if that doesnt work put one foot slightly on the ground to take away some weight.
    That being said its a stupid thing to train for as one tends to ignore the weaker arm to get to the goal faster and it doesnt get you anywhere concerning overall functional strength.


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      Try one arm on the bar the other holding your wrist get to ten of those then

      Towel over bar, one arm on bar other holding towel. The lower you hand is on the towel the harder it gets.

      BW is a big factor too.
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        Buy the book Convict Conditioning - there's a step-by-step program for pull ups. also it might be in Mark's fitness book, I don't remember.

        Basically be able to do 20 two arm pull ups
        then do weighted two armers
        Then do uneven pull ups (one hand on the perpendicular bar)
        progress to the party pull up (hand on wrist)

        Or so says my husband who can do 20 or so regular and 2-3 party pull ups with one arm. He's progressing to regular, single arm pull ups, too.
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          Cheers Guys. Just tried the thing with one arm holding the wrist of the other. Managed a couple so there's the challenge. Many thanks!


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            +1 for Convict Conditioning
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              Doing strict one-arms was always a goal of mine, finally achieved it a couple years back, now I can do 2 consecutively with each arm. Here's what got me there: first of all, just practice pull-ups with a lot of variations. Especially narrow grip though. Focus on narrow grip pull-ups because one-arms are done with your hand directly overhead (not out to the side like with regular pull-ups). Also, do pull-ups weighted. One-arms are a strength move, so put weight on when working your pull-ups and try to progress in weight like you would any lift. Finally, I definitely recommend assisted one-arms, but not the kind with a foot on the ground. Instead, get assistance from your other arm by putting it on a lower hold or something (somewhere were it can help, but where it's at an extreme disadvantage so it can't help much no matter how hard it tries).


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                Here's a fun video tutorial I did on the subject!

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