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minimizing loss of muscle while recovering?

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  • minimizing loss of muscle while recovering?

    So I was wakeboarding for the first time today and the rope twisted my middle finger and fractured it in several spots. I was doing a routine that consisted of bodyweight exercises like pull ups, push ups, dips and chin ups. I'm sure after the surgery that won't be possible... so my question is what can I do to minimize my loss of progress wile I'm healing. Thanks for any responses.

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    you probably just want to take the time to heal up and come back with a fury to get even stronger. but, if it's not that bad in terms of casts or whatever (after any stitches are gone) you can always look into trying a few of those exercises without your fingers...pull ups and chin ups using your wrist, dips and push ups on some sort of riser pushing through the heel of your palm. i think al kavadlo has some stuff on this on his site. check it out.


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      You can probably do some lower body work, like bodyweight squat exercises to maintain your leg strength(and sprinting!). Ditto for core work. Most upper body work is probably out, but my advice is to do whatever you can without hurting your hand - which rules out a lot of upper-body stuff, but still leaves plenty of other things to work on.


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        I was going to say exactly what primalrob said, dips, pushups, can be done with your palms, get some resistance bands and have them around your wrists or palms, you can also wrap a band around your wrist and have it against something sturdy and pull back to work your back, sprints, lunges up a hill, lots of walking.