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energy levels for a fitness noob

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  • energy levels for a fitness noob

    Hi folks,

    I've been primal since about this time last year, in varying degrees. I took a couple of months off in the middle, to quit smoking (self indulgent, I know, but chocolate was my best defense against nicotine cravings). But now I'm back on track, sans cigarettes and with far less dairy. Before the break, I was having great success. Down from 218 to 175 and had improvements with everything from moodiness to skin rashes. Also, I noticed an unexpected bonus of improved appearance of cellulite and less hanging skin than previous attempts at weight loss (nutrasystem didn't really "work for me")

    At any rate, having given you a bit of background, here's my question:
    I've never been a fitness nut, but always very active. Being city dwellers without a car, My son and I walk everywhere! We walk about 3 to 5 miles a day. Often much more on the weekends. I've been hoping that with the PB eating plan, I might gain some energy and find the will to begin implementing some of the PB fitness activities as well, but I'm still so darn tired.

    I have been getting plenty of sleep, 8-10 hours, so I know the issue doesn't lie there. Should I just be patient? How long did it take for you to see an increase in energy on this plan?

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    Are you eating enough? Taking any supplements?
    I'm a woman, but when my energy flags, I up my iron intake and I feel better.
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      hi Jesssa,

      I do take a food based multi for women and I am eating plenty, right now. My appetite ebbs and flows but currently, I've been eating plenty. Also, I think perhaps I'm not eating enough veggies. I usually try to eat what appeals to me at any given time, and recently noticed I've been having to really force myself to eat vegetables. Not sure why. I actually love a wide variety of veggies. Maybe it's a lack of nutrients causing my endless exhaustion?


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        How much liver do you eat? You could try eating it twice a week instead of once a week. Just watch the vitamin A dose and you're fine.
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          I have avoided liver like the plague since having to eat it as a child. I suppose it's time to give it another try.


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            I noticed my energy levels seem to be totally tied in to a) how active I'm being and b) how much fat I'm consuming. When I let either of those drop, my energy goes with it.

            Also, living in the city, worth keeping an eye on your sleep quality and conditions - blocking out as much of the background light and noise as possible.

            Another thing to check in on is your stress levels. Smoking can be like mini meditation sessions throughout the day... when you cut that out (and warmest congratulations for doing so!), it helps to remember you still need those mental "time out" moments, but without the tar and toxins!

            Minor aside, but mmmm... liver! Get it from a decent butcher if you can, and ask them to slice it thinly, then flash fry it. Totally different experience to the stuff that put you off as a child!

            Hope that helps.
            Went primal for the weight loss, stayed for the quality of life!


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              rhiarti, thank you, I will try the liver recipe. The thought you had about smoking being like mini meditation is spot on. I really have to remind myself to stop and take a breath for my own sanity, sometimes. Great idea!

              The light and noise isn't too much of a problem, luckily. I live in a very quiet alley that's far enough removed from the street that it feels like a little oasis. I also have light blocking curtains drawn on the bedroom windows at night.

              Thank you so much for the replies. Have a great weekend!