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Overcoming a Fitness Rut

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  • Overcoming a Fitness Rut

    I'm stuck in a fitness rut right now, and would like some suggestions for getting out. I was pretty consistent when I hung out on, but have been rather lax since converting to primal. When the fitness plan says do as many of exercise-x as you can, I took it to mean do as many as you feel like. Obviously I didn't progress. I am not good at pushing myself to my breaking point. Then the knee I injured during my conventional weight-lifting days acted up and it was all over for a few weeks. I am just now getting to the point I feel like my knee is up to stronger work outs, but I would like some advise on how to get out of the work out blahs. I stink at push-ups and pull-ups and I'm nervous about squats because of my knee.

    Right now I work out at home. I have dumbbells, a bar, and a pull-up bar. I've been doing a pretty easy 4 day/week routine with dumbbells because I have such low motivation and figured something was better than nothing. I also tromp around my backyard quite a bit, making sure to get lots of walking time in.

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    We all can lack motivation at times. What helps me is to set goals. How many pullups can you do now? Set a goal to beat it and devise a plan to succeed. You can do this for anything. After you have the goals and the plan what you really need is discipline. Don't feel like working out today, tough, it's on the schedule, just do it, you will feel better about it always. I have never said to myself, "Jeez, I wish i never worked out today." Excluding injuries that is, take it easy with that knee. What I'm trying to say is , you know what you need to do and if you really want it, you will do it. I went from 230 down to 155, way to skinny, now I am comfortably sitting at 170 all due to discipline. This board can tell you a million different things but it's up to you to do the hard work my friend. Take it easy.


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      I was in a bit of a rut, too. Doing endless pushups and pullups day in and day out, rarely taking a day off. Now what I'm doing is only one day per week, pushups, pullups, chinups to failure 3 or 4 sets each. Then a full week to recover. Also, running/sprinting one day a week. Other days staying active and walking minimum of 3 miles.