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Alternative to pullups?

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  • Alternative to pullups?

    At home, and in my workplace's fitness center I do not have a suitable place to do pullups.

    We do have a lat pull down machine, however.

    I know they make those bars you can attach to a doorway, but I don't have one right now and it will be a while before I am able to get one.

    Are there any exercises I can do as a good alternative to a pushup?

    Best I can think of is to set the pull down machine close to my body weight, but I know that's not really the same, since it won't use my core to help me stabilize.

    But I can't think of anything I might be able to do at home, which is where I do most of my PEMs and sprints.

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    Jungle gyms, tree branches, towel hangs
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      Most any playground has a place to do pull-ups, and that doorway bar costs about $15 last I looked. You can do rows and inverted pushups (Aussie rows) but it would be easiest and best just to locate a suitable pullup bar, they are all around you.
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        I use a Z-Trainer which is like a TRX but not insanely priced. It allows me to do a "body row". Doing this with the Z-Trainer has taken me from being able to do zero pullups to being able to do eight (and more chinups) over about six months. Awesome piece of kit.