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    Swimming is 90% technique. Many former elite or college swimmers have let themselves go and have gotten fat. However, their technique is still there and they can often smoke everyday recreational swimmers simply because they have good technique. It bugs the crap out of me too. I will be busting my ass and the whale in the lane next to me is cruising along at speeds i wish I had.

    Swimming is great exercise, you BIL & SIL are full of shit because I see huge bikers ALL THE TIME.


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      Dont worry, I'm a she too. I did butterfly all the time, and I didn't end up looking manly. I would definitely warm up first. If you try to do sprints first without your muscles warmed up a little bit, you would definitely be priming yourself for injury. Not something you want to do. Careful with using fins too much too, because your feet can cramp up pretty bad, and because it also cuts down your range of motion, it wont help you in the long run muscle wise.


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        I can't wait for the day that we can afford to belong to a gym with a pool, or even live in a community with a pool so I can swim again. Very relaxing for me, much more enjoyable than running.


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          I have seen plenty of people on bikes (wearing spandex of course) where their ass looks like it ate the seat.

          I had a similar argument with my SIL (a long time ago) about how wine drinkers are thinner than beer drinkers (she is also a cyclist). It's a hasty generalization and most people do this because they are too lazy to think and it makes them feel better if they think they are in the right group.

          During that same conversation she blurted out that if she and I were stranded on a deserted island that I would live longer because I had more bodyfat and could live off if it. And while I did acknowledge that the part of the bodyfat thingy might be true, I could guarantee I would live longer because I would have killed her and eaten her. Probably within the first few minutes of being "stranded." No need in delaying the inevitable.
          People too weak to follow their own dreams will always try to discourage others.


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            I learned to swim as an adult, and since I was morbidly obese with severe osteoarthritis, swimming laps was an ideal exercise for me. I think it really helped keep me fit during the 35 years that I swam regularly--but recreationally--slow laps.

            Eventually, I lost a massive amount of weight via diet, but about a year ago, I hurt my shoulder, and both my doctor and the physical therapists warned me against swimming for a while. I'm a post-menopausal woman, and I already knew that I needed some weight-bearing exercise, but my arthritic ankles and knees couldn't handle even walking, much less any running. So I began strength work, using the machines at my health club (don't sneer), and focusing on my lower body to strengthen my legs.

            It's been amazing. I have muscle definition for probably the first time in my life, and at the same weight, I wear smaller sizes because I've become so much leaner. The surgeon I consulted about possible knee replacement advised me to hold off because 1) I have little pain with no meds at all; 2) my stronger legs compensate for the weak joints.

            I plan to return to swimming because I love it, but it didn't give me that body that strength training has provided--and happily, I'm addicted to this now, too.


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              The only reason I have stopped swimming is because my skin is sensitive to chlorine. I miss swimming so much. I found it very, very relaxing. And there's something about being in or on or near water that is very primal - the undulation is very soothing on our sensory perception. Just looking at water relaxes me - at least I'm still able to do that.

              So, I say enjoy swimming if you can.
              F 5 ft 3. HW: 196 lbs. Primal SW (May 2011): 182 lbs (42% BF)... W June '12: 160 lbs (29% BF) (UK size 12, US size 8). GW: ~24% BF - have ditched the scales til I fit into a pair of UK size 10 bootcut jeans. Currently aligning towards 'The Perfect Health Diet' having swapped some fat for potatoes.


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                Swimming in cold water may make you hungrier than swimming in warm water:
                University of Florida News – Exercise In Cold Water May Increase Appetite, UF Study Finds
                But I wonder if that happens if someone is adapted to burning fat?
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                  I'm probably not fat adapted in my opinion. I have been in ketosis before, but try not to let my carbs get that low because I get a lot of fatigue and also noticeable BO! I almost feel a bit crazy if I dont have some carb intake!

                  I also admit that I only want to do low-carb to get thin and that's probably not the best reason...just leads to more female body issues that most of us tend to have.

                  Thanks for the note on the fins. I dont swim in them the whole time but will do some specific exercises with them. My legs feel like they have more power since using them (with them off) as if I'm kicking more properly now.

                  I do hate the chlorine on my skin ... and the dry skin/hair. I do sense the relaxation being in and around water--love it!
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                    If you do want to try some other kinds of workouts while swimming, using pull-buoys helps strengthen your arms, and would be a good break for your legs/feet after using the fins. Any store that sells quality swim equipment should have one, and they shouldnt be more than $20. Here is a picture of one:

                    Google Image Result for

                    As for the chlorine issues, before you get into the pool, put some conditioner in your hair and leave it in. It will act as a protective barrier for your hair. Doesnt matter if you use solid or spray in, both work well.

                    As for the dry skin, do you use any moisturizer or lotions after you get out of the pool? If not, I'd wholeheartedly recommend using Lush Cosmetics. They have a product called Full of Grace Serum. It works way better than anything I've ever used, and all their products are made from natural ingredients. Their website also lists what ingredients they use in each product, and you can click on each ingredient to find out more about them. I'm not too sure where you are, but I know they carry it around the world. Hopefully that stuff helps


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                      I have just joined a swim squad (swimsmooth) hoping that my form and speed will improve and I will use less energy to get thru the water, thats what normally happens we get very efficient at doing a specific sport/stroke then we stop using as much energy to move the same distance.

                      To help promote fitness/weight loss I think you need to mix up the workouts, so instead of swimming 1000 yards at a steady pace do 50 meter repeats/intervals at a higher pace Use fins/flippers to do lap work using legs etc.

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                        We had our pool changed over from chlorine to salt water a few yrs ago.
                        It's a lot easier to maintain, never gets cloudy, easier on your skin and hair.


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                          The reason you see many fat people swimming is that swimming is kind to the joints and allows heavy people to excercise. Its ridiculous to turn the argument around and say that swimming makes fat, it gave me a chuckle .

                          I think swimming is both strength and cardio and a total body workout! Don't worry and enjoy your swim


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                            I am sure somebody already said that, but your in-laws screw up causality. There are a lot of over-weight people in the pool because over-weight people are advised to swim or do aqua size to reduce impact on joints.

                            Swimming is excercising against resistance in low temperature environment. Aquatic excercise has different principles than normal excercise, and leads to building a different muscle profile, but builds more muscle than land aerobics. Swim sprints are absolutely insane if you use short triathlon fins. In addition, thermic impact of water adds to fat burning like crazy. Top swimmers (*cough* Michael Phelps *cough*, 13,000 cal a day) are known to eat insane quantities of food to keep from losing weight after a few hours a day swimming in the pool.

                            In short, swim, and don't pay attention to nay sayers.
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                              As a whole-body exercise, depletes the glycogen stores in the muscles and liver quickly; usually in around 20 minutes if one has been fasting (morning swim before breakfast, for example). The drain of the glycogen makes the body ravenous for carbs to replenish the 'fuel.' Swimming does not make anyone fat; it tones and strengthens muscle tissue. What makes some swimmers fat, in my opinion, is gorging on high-carb/sugary foods after a swim workout.


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                                Hi Solstice,
                                Don't agree with your in laws and want to say swimming is great calorie burning exercise and helps in losing weight. Swimming improves energy level and makes our heart and lungs strong. Swimming strengthen arms. back, shoulders and hips muscles strong and improves muscles strength.