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  • Viking Warrior conditioning - Kettlebells - logging progress

    Reading a few of the other KB posts, seems like there are a few of us doing the VWC 15:15 protocol. Which is a snatching a KB for 15 sec then 15 sec rest repeating for 80 sets (40 mins). Reps for the 15 secs are based on a VO2 threshold which are about 7-8 typ. Weight recomended is 16kgs for the boys and 10-12 kgs for the lady's.

    I have started this last night and am looking at using it as part of my training program for a sprint style adventure race coming up in November. I downloaded a HIT counter app for the smart phone and created a starting program spliting it into 4 min blocks with a 30 sec rest between blocks and did 7 blocks (~ 32min workout with rests)

    Plan is to do this start up program twice per week slowly dropping the rest periods out between blocks and increasing sets to 80. I also have started on a 12kg bell as I only have a 12 and 25kg and thats too much to snatch (to start with). Will buy a 16kg bell in the next week or so. I also did a 4 min block of swings (25kg) to start and finish the VWC protocole along with some other low inpact KB movements.

    Anyway I thought I would log how I am going over the next month and welcome any input/critic. My bench mark is a 6km run in 36 mins ( not a startling pace) that I want to get to sub 30mins after 4 weeks

    Day One VWC
    25kg swings 15:15 - 4 mins - 45 sec rest then VWC
    12kg snatch 15:15 4min sets 30 sec rest 7 sets completed (392 snatchs completed)
    25kg swings 15:15 - 4 mins
    12kg lateral swings, woodcutters and figure 8's to cool down ~ 5 mins
    (Feeling good after this not sore the next day and got a great sweat up, Heart rate up to ~ 160 during session)

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    Big high five for you. It is a fun intense workout. I am currently doing 20 minutes, in 5 minutes blocks with a buck 30 in between, with a 25 lb/12 kg bell. Doing them twice a week. Dropping 15 secs on the rest each time. Once I get to 20 minutes without rest, I'll start adding 5 minutes blocks when I can keep my rate at 8 per 15 secs until I work up to the 40 minutes. Man, I have never sweated so much when working out, drenched when I am done, but as I said in the other thread, I am dropping weight quickly. 6 lbs this past week.
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      Forgot to ask, how are your hands? I was doing them wrong at first and shreaded my hands..... Finally got the grip down after searching the net for awhile.....
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        That's an exceedingly cool workout!
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          I am not sure if it's a cool workout as I get a great sweat up It sure is a fun High Intensity workout, not sure how long it will stay interesting but its a great way to get the heart rate up and do weights.

          Hands are ok, I paddle a standup surf board and surf ski a bit so use to using my hands. Having been banging the back of the wrists/forearms but changed the technique slightly, I was swinging the KB more than high pulling it
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            Ok Tonight was what I think is called the KB 300 workout - It consisted of 100 swings followed by 5 turkish get ups each side - repeat three times. rest as required anytime during workout (total workout is 300 swings and 15 TGU each arm)

            Set 1 and 2 - 50 swings with the 25kg bell 50 swings with the 12kg, 10 TGU (5 each side) with the 12kg
            Set 3 -25 swings with the 25kg rest with the 12kg, 10 TGU (5 each side) with the 12kg
            Time 29mins to complete the 3 sets (thats now my time to beat)

            Feeling shattered, arms are toast, still shaking 20 mins later. Its a way bigger/harder aerobic work out than the VCW 15:15. Have a feeeling I am going to feel sore for the next couple of days

            Had a day off work today and this morning walked 5kms and then had a surf (short board for 2.5 hrs) so arms/shoulders were a bit worked before the workout, whichs is why I wasnt swinging the 25kg as well as I was a couple of days ago on the VWC. However I am enjoying the Hard HI KB workouts, feeling alive.... Have a beef rendang curry on the stove cant wait to hook into that in another hour or so.

            Also found this post from a couple of years ago, Godzilas workouts on page 2 should keep me going for awhile.....

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              Day two of the VWC
              Felt good so decide to see how many rounds i could compete of the VWC 15:15 protocol. Surprised myself and completed the 80 rounds of VWC 15:15 using the 12kg bell, no rest period outside the 15 sec . 40 mins of snatches averaging 7 snatches per 15 secs (560 reps) heart rate approx 136 (finger on the neck method....). Didn't feel as intense as the 100 swings followed by 5 TGU x 3 workout I did the other night. Time to move up to the 16kg bell.

              Great weekend here mid winter but still 20 degree (celsius) sun filled days, Had a 2.5 hour surf Yesterday followed by a hard and fast nighttime bike ride of 1 hr. Today was a slow 12 km bike ride with the kids and slow 1hr surf ski paddle with the oldest daughter prior to the 40 mins of snatches.

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                You my friend are a stud.
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                  Thanks TorMag,
                  Felt great to do the 80 rounds. Went and checked KB's out at the local vitamin warehouse and they are about 1/2 the price of the Dragon Door bells, rubber coated and steel construction so will pick a couple of 16kgs , or a 16 and 20kg bell up this weekend.

                  Had real bad cramps in the abductors last night, not sure if it was from the VWC workout or the ski paddle, banged down a handful of magnesium tablets and that helped heaps. Today was an active rest day so tonight I did the following light weight bodyweight/joint mobility warm up routines to get the blood flowing.

                  These are from the my mad methods site.
                  My Mad Methods - 8 Fine Exercises Warm Up for Relaxing, Recovery & Restoration
                  My Mad Methods - 100 Rep Bodyweight Warm Up #1
                  My Mad Methods - 100 Rep Bodyweight Warm Up #2

                  Cheers FBF
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                    Blue skis and loads of sunshine, way to nice to be inside doing a yoga workout which was the plan for lunch time. So instead I did this:

                    Jog 1km to local park next to work
                    10 x ~75m sprints (15m rolling start 50 meters full out 10m slow down) walk back between
                    30 mins of your are your own gym (YAYOG) Leg work out Ladders*
                    -36 reps of back lunges (each leg)
                    -27 reps of one legged Romanian Dead lifts (each leg)
                    -70 squats
                    -40 Bird dogs (each side)
                    Jog back to office

                    * Ladders consist of increasing reps (pyrmids) 1 by 1 up to/just before failure then back down, rest period between reps is the sames as the workout time. For example 1 squat rest then 2, 3, 4 etc.

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                      Workout no. Three for the VWC

                      Tonight I did 80 rnds of the 12kg KB on the 15:15 protocol. I did 25 rnds at a 7 rep cadance then 15@8 rep cadance then 15@7 15@8 and final 10 at 7. Total 590 reps max heart rate 155 after the 8 rep cadance. Heart rate up sweat dripping it was a good session.

                      last night I did 1hr interval training on the surf ski 11 Kim's covered. Today at lunch was a Yin yoga session focusing on back, hips a hamstring streches.

                      Slowly feeling myself getting fitter and stronger.

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                        Rest day yesterday as i was felling pretty shattered...

                        This morning was a swim squad training (1 hour in the pool)
                        200m FS warm up
                        400m Drills
                        4 x 200m for time
                        3 x 200m for a faster time
                        1*100m cool down

                        Hungry as now, will try and do my 300KB work out tonight (100KB swings: 5TGU repeat 3 times).
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                          I just picked this book up and it definitely is peaking my interest. Some may only use the kb for a fad but I love them and hope to get the most with the use of this book.


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                            Workout Number. Four for the VWC

                            Yesterday was a 4km run before I felt a twinge in the calf and a 2km walk/limp home. Feels ok now

                            The 12kg bells feels too easy now and I didnt get a chance to go and grab the 16kg bell so tonight i did the following:
                            5 min warn up consisting of halos, woodchoppers, figure eights, around body passes and chainsaw starts (cross body pulls)
                            15 sets of two handed swings using the 25kg bell on the 15:15 (~ 9 reps)
                            15 sets of snatches with the 12kg bell (~7-8 reps)
                            repeat by 2 times then
                            10 sets of two handed swings using the 25kg bell (9 reps)
                            10 sets of snatches with the 12kg bell (7 reps)

                            25kg KB swings ~ 360 12kg KB snatchs ~ 280

                            Also did 50 x 25kg swings early today and 4 sets of 3 chin ups and 4 sets of 3 pull ups, 50 burpees and 50 mountain climbers. This morning was 2 hours on a surfmat so lots of flipper work to strech work my calf.

                            Cheers FBF
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                              Well over a year ago I worked up to 80 sets of 7 reps with a 16kg on the 15:15. A certain part of it is definitely mental as once I got past 30 sets or so, I just cruised for the last half.

                              A few tips: although I did the cadence test, at a certain point I think most mortal men are going to start with a 16kg on the 15:15 at 6 or 7 reps. I don't even own a 12kg so that was not an option.

                              As to tactical stuff, definitely have some extra towels on hand because you and your hands will sweat a lot, nothing so bad as getting near the end only to have a blister because your hands get wet. Also, although I work out a lot barefoot inside, I sweated so much doing this that my feet would get slippery so I started wearing my VFF or chuck taylors doing this.

                              Blisters for me were a matter of my grip weakening. When your grip is strong and controlled and technique good, blisters should not be a problem. I only started getting blisters on the 36:36 protocol when your grip really gets taxed on the later sets and it is hard to hold on to the bell so you start to overcompensate and grip too hard.

                              As to what to do after you get 80 sets of 7 reps with your starting bell. You can either do 8 reps, go up to a heavier bell and try for 6 or 7 sets on the 15:15 or do the 36:36. I think the first option is the easiest and most natural although I messed around with all three, e.g., I tried doing the 15:15 with a 20kg bell and did the 36:36. I only got up to 40 sets on the 15:15 doing 8 reps before I needed to do something else.

                              I would definitely keep doing strength workouts while you do this though as otherwise I think you can lose some muscle mass.