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I have 10 lb dumbbells...

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  • I have 10 lb dumbbells... what do I do with them? Just jank 'em over my head? In front? Shoulders up, down, back or fore?

    Somebody take pity on me and break it waaaay down, I've always been afraid to mess up my back with weights and I cannot remember numbers.

    Or is 10 lbs not something to bother with? Where does weight lifting start? I'm 5'8, fairly strong in the arms from hauling toddlers around but with begnin lower back issues. Can't pay for the gym on top of all the grassfed meat.

    I can be smart enough otherwise, but workouts are not something my brain can wrap itself around.


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    Use the dumbells as a doorstop and start the Primal Blueprint Fitness. Move slowly, sprint and either lift heavy things (body weight included) then get down on the floor and play with your toddlers that will wear you out.
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      What I do with mine is this (and I don't care about all the people who say these are dumb exercises because they've done a lot for me):

      Bicep curls
      - Do them all the way or do them half way up and then half way to all the way up.

      - Alone or combine with bicep curls
      - Lean over with back flat and knees bent while you are doing it, like you are skiing and the dumbells are your ski poles.

      - Probably best to look that one up because I'll never explain it right. It's supposed to work your back.

      Overhead presses
      - Arms bent at 90 degrees, hands up, press upwards but don't let your shoulders press against your ears and don't hold the weight forward of your body.

      Not sure what this one is called
      - Hold one dumbell with both hands over your head and behind your back. Lift up and down.

      - Good way to practice doing this right before you get to heavier weights.

      Planks with rows
      - Do a plank on knees or elbows and then row each arm up holding the dumbell

      I think that's all I do with mine thus far. I bet you could come up with more if you think of it. Like maybe squats or lunges and just hold the dumbells so you have extra weight.
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        i do the waterbury complex off here with 6kg dumbells.

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          You could try dumbbell snatches. But in all honesty, I would say chuck them and do bodyweight exercises that would do you lots more good without limitations on the types of movements you can do if you had to hold those tiny things.
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            Thank you! I do core workouts that kick my butt, so covered on that front. Will try the suggested excercises though.