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    The hybrid also balances that out Knife. They have slightly bigger tires with more rolling resistance, but are flexible ... especially if you end up riding mostly roads. My hunch is that most people just getting in to riding want to do some streets and some light duty trails for some pleasant views and the sort.

    You are unlikely to find a Trek in a thrift store, but plenty on Ebay and Craig's list.

    Oh, and ditto on the shorts. If you don't want the tight fitting variety, they make some that look like cargos and more conventional shorts. I'd take padded shorts over a comfort seat any day.


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      Thanks for all the input!


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        I've always had a regular 10 speed and a mountain bike but I never rode them. Then my brother in law who is a former bike messenger "built" me a single gear bike out of of old parts he wanted to get rid of. The frame is from a high end but really old track bike from the 80's and the handle bars are kind of mountain bike style. The rear wheel is reversible so I can ride it as a fixed gear or free wheel bike but I always leave it free wheel.

        I love riding this bike! I ride it all the time. I like not having to shift and that I have to vary my intensity based on the hill rather than just shifting to the appropriate gear. It reminds me of how I rode my bike as a kid but the stream lined nature of the track bike and wheels make it pretty efficient. I feel like I get a great workout, especially when I challenge myself to make it up a long steep hill which we have lots of. I just ride it around the city so I don't have to worry about riding 20 or 30 miles at a time. I can get anywhere I want in 5 or 6 miles so this bike is perfect for that.


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          I highly recommend this bike:

          Townie ORIGINAL 21D Bike (Mens) | electra bicycle company

          I got one last December. Hands down, the most comfortable bicycle I have ever sat or rode on. I haven't touched my mountain bike since I got it. No hand, neck, arm or butt pain. They retail around $450.

          Since your northern NJ, Marty's Reliable Cycle is a dealer. I traded in a lightly used road bike for my Townie. Best bike decision I ever made.


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            Picked up a Trek for $350 today and rode it home.. almost 6 miles. Forgot how much fun riding a bike was!!


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              I'm a bike slut from way back so you don't need my advice!
              You'll never see the light if you're in someone else's shadow, or said another way, life is like a dog sled team, if you're not the lead dog, the scenery never changes


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                Awesome Ryan. Which model did you chose?