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  • Carb burning question

    Sup primals.

    I got a quick question for you all about carb burning.

    Since I read in the book staying in the 50 - 100 carb range is where you loose weight.

    My question is if you for example eat 120 one day and do 1 hour extra of walking, would that compensate de extra 20 carb I have eaten that day ?

    I usually walk always 45 minutes per day and when I exced the 100 carb I go for an extra 1 hour of walking to compensate ( ice cream makes me happy so sometimes is very difficult for me to see NO ) I am curios if I am taking the wright approach here.

    Thanks a lot for your help.

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    You cant exercise your way out of a bad diet....but, there is wiggle room. I don't think the way your looking at it is exactly optimal. If your a little high on carbs just cut back a bit somewhere. Walking is just good for you in its own right and you should do as much of it as you like. If you wanna deplete some glycogen and make room for more cheats sprints and HIT are better.


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      This answer isn't going to help you at all, buy why not stay within 50-100 AND walk? I'd say your body will thank you in the long run, plus you don't have to worry about if walking will burn the carbs or not. If it doesn't, well you're already below 100, and if it does, that's just an added bonus.