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Army's 'new' Workouts look more Primal

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  • Army's 'new' Workouts look more Primal

    At least they do to me!

    A little quote in case the link doesn't work:

    "Adapting to battlefield experience in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Army is revamping its basic training regimen for the first time in three decades by nixing five-mile runs and bayonet drills in favor of zigzag sprints and honing core muscles."

    The Marines are doing it too:

    "The Marine Corps is also applying war lessons to its physical training, adopting a new combat fitness test that replicates the rigor of combat. The test, which is required once a year, has Marines running sprints, lifting 30-pound ammunition cans over their heads for a couple of minutes and completing a 300-yard obstacle course that includes carrying a mock wounded Marine and throwing a mock grenade."

    Looks like a case of 'what's old is new again.'

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    Hell yeah! My friend's in the Navy and we'll get together and share new exercises, compete against each other. (He beat me in the plank by three full minutes!) They give them a whole bunch of "fun" push-ups, like the "figure-8" where they hover about the ground and make an 8 in the dirt with their dog tags.

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      I'm active duty Air Force and I wish we did that. It seems like a type of CrossFit and stresses natural body movements.

      From my point of view, especially as a medic, I don't need to run 5 miles, but I do have to pick up a 200lb guy with 40lbs worth of "kit" on. Then run 100 yards or drag him/her across a street/over a hill, or pull someone out of a vehicle.

      Doing endless pushups or running doesn't help that sort of movement. But Primal PT does. Sprinting, lifting heavy things, etc...

      If only the military could cut the trans fats and high carbs out of the MRE's!