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What weight kettlebell should I buy? to strengthen my back (prevent injury

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    It appears that some folk must insist on having the last word.
    All the best!


    The quieter you become the more you're able to hear.

    Mawlana Jalaludin Rumi


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      Originally posted by Iron Will View Post
      That is a perfect way to learn from your client and understand your client better! Realize that they may not be comfortable with a larger kettle bell because they are afraid that they're going to hurt themselves. Which in turn is going to cause more tension and stress to the muscles than needed and an even higher chance of injury. The self protection mechanism is working very well for your client! Good for them for being the one to understand their own limitations
      Precisely. You need to SWING that damn thing with some force!
      Otherwise, it's like doing shoulder raises or something.
      To get the right vibe, you need to pick a HEAVY weight, and swing that F'ker for everything you're worth !