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  • A followup

    This is actually a followup to a post I made regarding my fatigue during antibiotic therapy. Well, turns out the docs were wrong about what my problem was. I have no sinus infection or fluid in my ears,despite being dizzy about 75% of the time. I went to an ENT and turns out I either have A) vestibular neuritis or B) a vestibular neuroma (worst case scenario). They are treating me for the first one since it is the easiest course of action. The other will require an MRI and possible surgery. So anyways, no more antibiotics--YAY! I probably didn't need all those to begin with. I continue to do Crossfit looking somewhat like a waltzing mouse and am going to start on training for a half-marathon next week. Hopefully the therapy I am getting for my condition will enable me to run without looking like I am drunk! Oddly enough,when I exercise I feel a bit better.
    Cheers! (although I don't need alcohol--I'm already there! LOL!)