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Deadlift Headache

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  • Deadlift Headache

    I think I should see a doctor, but, just wondering if anyone has experienced this, I was deadlifting the other day, 275x8, it was heavy but I have hit 5 reps before with out grinding them out and my max is about 315, anyway, on the last rep i felt a sharp pain in my upper neck and the back of my head, it causes me to drop the weight and fall to my knees, it felt like i got hit in the head with a bat, I got up after a few seconds and walked around fine, no dizziness, no blur vision, just a massive headache and neck pain, subsided the next day, I'm kind of nervous to lift again. Anyone every have anything like this happen?

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    Your trapezius is very active in a heavy deadlift and it's tendons originate on your neck. I would give yourself a couple weeks to recover, then gently TEST out a deadlift, don't go into it expecting to get a workout, just see how it feels. If you did damage a tendon, it takes months to rebuild.