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  • Ouch!

    I've only gone and hurt my deltoid muscle at the gym today. I did chest presses with 12kg in each hand, completed my sets, no pain. Then the very next thing I tried to do, I got a pain in my left deltoid and couldn't lift the weight at all. I rested a while and tried again but couldn't do it. And this was not an lift I have ever struggled with. Well not in the last couple of months anyway....

    I wanted to cry with frustration! And then I couldn't even get my bag and leave because the changing room had filled up with morbidly obese old women who seemed very happy with their nakedness, and I couldn't get near my locker. That was a situation I wasnt comfortable pushing into the middle of!

    So anyway. I'm a bit concerned about losing my lifting skills, presumably I'm going to need to rest this shoulder a bit. Currently it hurts if I lift my arm out to the side or above my head. Should I try to carry on using lighter weights, just to keep things moving? Or rest it entirely for a while? I was planning on lifting things again the day after tomorrow...worth trying it to see or not?

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    Dumbells are tricky because of the extra range of motion they allow. I hope you have not injured your rotator cuff. A quick google will give you lots of good stretches and mobility exercises for the shoulder.
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      RICE for a couple of days and test your range of motion without weight. If you can not get full ROM (range of motion) without weight then DO NOT resume using resistance and consider getting evaluated. If you do have full ROM without pain in a couple days I'd say your fairly safe to resume with a reduced weight, but you may want to choose different exercises than the ones that contributed to the problem for the time being.
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        Is it possible you partially dislocated your shoulder? I did that once skiing and in the shower that night popped it back in. It was sore for a while, but okay in the long run.

        When something hurts you should rest it or it will get hurt further.


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          Gosh I don't think I dislocated anything, that would surely be much more painful than this! Thanks for the advice, rest it is then. I can move it through the full range, just with some pain. Hopefully it will just be a mild strain!


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            I feel lost! My arm is still slightly sore at rest, and hurts properly if I try to lift (think bag of groceries, this is how I know!) so I can't go and do my usual workout, which consists mainly of lifting!

            So, I can do squats and lunges, I imagine I might be ok with barbell squats. But no pull ups, no chest press, no TRX reverse push ups, no dead lift, no vipr thrusts. I don't kow how to use the machines in the gym, I use free weights so I am utterly cut adrift here! I am frustrated!


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              Where exactly does it hurt? Front? Rear? Middle? What was the next thing you tried to do after your chest presses? I can't diagnose, but I may be able to help you narrow it down.
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                boy, it's tough to diagnose a shoulder issue online... can you describe where the pain is when you move it? you're going to need to rest it.

                but hey, at least you can do lower body exercise! that's huge.


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                  My experience with shoulders are it's best to keep slowly moving to keep the range of motion. When I avoided moving them because of pain ROM decreased and the pain persisted. You may need to work with bands for awhile to get the deltoids strength improved. They are a smaller muscle group and very easy to over work and strain. Definitely avoid lifts like upright rows or overhead presses while they are sore. They are a big load on the deltoids.


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                    Sorry I've been gone ages! Work and stuff getting in the way of my forum habit

                    The pain is at the top of my arm, just below the shoulder joint itself (although there's an ache going down the whole arm now!)! On the outer side.

                    The next thing I tried to do after the chest presses was an overhead press with a 12kg vipr, it's usually the last thing I do before stretching and going home. I couldn't even do one of them.

                    I'm keeping moving, my ROM remains good, it's mainly if I pick something up that I feel the direct pain, also if I put my hand on the stair rail as I go upstairs, oddly!

                    I've been back in the gym and done lower body stuff. I did also try some light weights (4kg) for overhead presses, but couldn't stand more than a couple of reps. I don't know about bands, tell me more!


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                      If ROM is good and it hurts only against weight it sounds like a mild-moderate strain (just limited educated guess from your posts). May take a couple weeks, but you should see steady improvement. Good luck!


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                          Ukprimalchick, don't use the shoulder in lifting, no matter how badly you'd like to get back to your routine. Rest the shoulder instead. Also, as much as I generally try to avoid NSAIDs, I would definitely take ibuprofen regularly for about a week if I was you (not necessary of course, but helpful).

                          In your first post you said you hurt your deltoid. That certainly could be, but it's not likely. More likely is that you injured one of the smaller muscles under your deltoid. These are the rotator cuff muscles, and they're pretty easily/commonly injured (the supraspinatus and subscapularis in particular are often injured by athletes). With the rotator cuff, injuries can be anything from a mild inflammation or strain, to a partial or even complete tear. In addition with the shoulder, bursitis is a possibility (where the bursa that protects the tendons of the rotator cuff becomes inflamed or injured).

                          Anyway, all that to say that there's a lot going on in the shoulder and it's really impossible to know what's happening just from you telling us about it. The important thing to understand though is that most of the time these injuries have a lot to do with inflammation and general irritation to some particular small muscle/tendon -- and the best thing you can possibly do in these cases is to rest the muscle/tendon, and get the inflammation to go away (which will happen if you just let it heal).

                          If you really want to know exactly what happened, then you have to get imaging of the shoulder done (an xray or mri).
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                            I can't take NSAIDS regularly, the odd time is ok but if I try to take them regularly I get terrible gastric pain. It's a shame because I do prefer them for pain relief, I find them the most effective thing. I'm resting my shoulder now, I promise. No more lifting for the time being. If I am pain free by the end of next week, which will be 10 days or so since the injury, would it seem reasonable to try again then? I am totally paranoid that if I don't do the work, I will wake up 84 pounds heavier in the morning


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                              Lol, common paranoia! 10 days of rest are not going to fatten you up though. Eat primal foods and recover. Plus you can be as active as you like during your shoulder recovery. Rest the shoulder, use the rest of the body as much as you want!

                              And yeah, if NSAIDs bother your stomach then absolutely avoid them, obviously. They're not necessary at all, just an optional way to temper the pain and start lowering the inflammation a bit.

                              Good luck Uk!